SUPPORTORS for Brian Sesko for
Supervisor District 2

Approachable - Honest - Real Cowboy

Brian "One Term" Sesko says it all. There are NO special interest groups supporting me and it's a good thing! I didn't reach out to any of them. I don't want to be beholden to them.

The professional politicians running in this election, if elected, will spend the first two years of their term taking care of "pay back" to the special interest groups that supported them. The next two years are going to be about their re-election - NOT SOLVING ISSUES RELEVANT TO DISTRICT 2.


YOU. The every day "9 to 5'ers". The regular "folk" that spend their day trying to provide for their family. Like you, I work every day and have not had the time to meet and greet an endless list of past and present politicians. That's the point - I am not a career politician - I am throwing my hat in the ring for Supervisor District 2 to be a real voice for us.

A vote for me will get District 2 out of the influence of special interest groups and career politicians. Most every resident living in a rural neighborhood needs to be aware of the issues that come with voting for a career politician for this position in District 2. There is a good chance your lifestyle will change dramatically if District 2 is left in the hands of a career politician.

I am hoping for a ground swell of good neighbors and friends recommending me to their friends via any social media outlet. Your vote and your recommendation to your friends is far reaching.