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  • As the current Chairman of the Lakeside Planning Group as well as the Design Review Board I have interacted with community members who have shared their concerns with me on several issues facing our District. The following is only a partial list of the issues presented to me by the community:

Potential sand mining operation in El Monte Valley:

I have been in the middle of this issue for the last couple of years as the Chair of the Lakeside Planning Board. I was instrumental in bringing this issue to a public forum over a year ago. It is clear that the community has no interest in having this sand mining operation in the El Monte Valley. As your Supervisor I would support the will of the people - unless the Developers of the sand mining project are able to meet all of the criteria to get the community support, I would not be able to vote in favor of approving the project.

Public Safety:

This needs to be the number one issue for the Board of Supervisors. The current BOS has not taken a bold step in solving the homeless problem. Presently we find ourselves in a situation where homeless individuals are taking over our parks and open space areas. The BOS needs to provide the Sheriff the ability to remove and place individuals in a facility that can help them with whatever difficulties they are having. This can be done if we provide beds for the homeless not luxury suites but basic living quarters, similar to temporary housing for our Men and Women in uniform.


The County Budget is out of control financially. The current BOS has no idea how to run cost effective and efficient system across all departments. Over the last several years the County operations have grown larger than needed and the level of efficiency has continued to decline. The current BOS has let the unions run up an unfunded pension liability of over 3 BILLION Dollars that us taxpayers will be liable for. We need strong leadership when dealing with the unions and special interest groups that have taken over our County operations.


As Chairman of the Lakeside Planning Group I have know that land issues are often the main items on our agendas with affordable housing being the most often debated. Currently the State of California is mandating that more affordable housing be built in all areas of the County. This one rule for all does not work in the East County. The existing infrastructure does not support high density projects that will be over burden an already overly impacted rural area. The County has not maintained the current road systems. In addition, they have approved large residential projects without meeting with individual communities. We need to push back against the States unrealistic mandates coming out of Sacramento.

* Require the Board of Supervisors to hold meetings at night in the affected communities on critical issues.

  • * Explore the possibilities of getting more sheriff presence in our schools. County Sheriff needs to cooperate with ICE.

* Explore eliminating the planning commission and transferring their decision making authority to local planning groups.

* A need for the Board of Supervisors to take a stronger stance against the Sanctuary status coming down from Sacramento.

  • * Change the rules so that the Board of Supervisors no longer can vote on their own pay raises. Eliminate the pension for Board of Supervisors. Roll back the last year's pay increase for the Board voted by the Board members themselves.